Аbandoned houses

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"All that I am, I owe to my mother" - Abraham Lincoln

Photographer: Michelle Fleur Photography
Hair & Makeup: Lexi Leigh
Location: The Gap, Brisbane
Flower Crown: Michelle Fleur

One of the images from today’s maternity shoot with the incredibly talented Michelle Fleur Photography. I highly recommend her to anyone in Brisbane & surrounding areas.

Model: www.facebook.com/lexisux
Photographer: http://www.michellefleurphotography.com
Hair & Makeup: Lexi Leigh
Flower Crown: Michelle Fleur

Pre baby body back in May last year. Hurry up baby bear so I can feel this good again 👾

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Probably my favorite Digital Short.
Also it’s like me talking about my fandoms lol

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A Moist Owlet

freshcrayonsart Omfg. It’s happening.

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